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Healthcare Log automatically collects from OurPets® Intelligent Pet Care™ products.
Activity Monitor
Check your pet’s activities anytime with the smartphone app.
Smart Notifications
Receive important push notifications.
Parchase replacement accesories in the smartphone app.


Please check before you use

In order to make your product and app work properly, please check the following settings.

Go to your Smartphone settings and make sure network/cellular is turned ON.

Turn your Bluetooth※1ON in the settings.

Turn your Location Service ON in the settings.※2

Turn Notifications ON in the settings.

※1 ";Bluetooth®"; and the trademarks related Bluetooth is a trademark of the Bluetooth Special Internet Group (SIG) in the United States and other countries.
※2 IntelligentPetLink™ uses a beacon feature to send information from the product to your smartphone. In order to activate this function, "Location Service" in your smartphone settings need to be switched "ON".

Download App

Download IntelligentPetLink™ to your Smartphone.
To start the app, tap the "Start Now" button.
(Make sure the Network/Cellular, Bluetooth, Notification and Location Service are "ON".)

Register your Product

By registering your OurPets® Intelligent Pet Care™ products, you will have the ability to use smart features, such as the healthcare log and receiving notification.

  • 1. Select your product from the list and tap ";+";, or touch your smartphone to the product with the app running.
  • 2. Enter information and tap ";Register";.
  • 3. Following the instruction screen, touch your smartphone onto the product.
  • 4. Wait for the loading to finish.
  • 5. Once loading is finished, registration is complete.

Depending on the usage of the device, you will receive a notification. In addition, by registering the retailer, you will be notified when you need to purchase consumables such as bags, litter, filters, etc.

Register your Pet

You can add your pet's name and information to the app.

  • 1. Select the pets (SmartLink™ Tag) from the list and tap ";+";, or touch your smartphone to the SmartLink™ Tag with the app running.
  • 2. Enter information and tap ";Register";.
  • 3. Once information is loaded, registration is complete.

You can use the app with multiple pets by purchasing additional SmartLink™ Tags.
One pet tab is created for each pet and shown in the healthcare log.
Also, you can set a monitoring alert to specific pets that you do not want near the SmartScoop® (specifically dogs), so you can receive a notification if they are approaching the litterbox.

More Details

You can learn more about how to use the IntelligentPetLink™ App in the Manual.